Google Makes About 10 Changes Per Week To Their Ranking Algorithms

Clive Lobo

In a recent blog post Google announced it makes About 10 changes per week to their ranking Algorithms.

In reading my feeds today I came across the Google blog post “Introduction to Google Ranking” which is a great post introducing the topic of how Google ranks the search results. It’s apparently the first of many posts on the topic. While I found it quite informative what really stuck out is this statement

“We make about ten ranking changes every week. . . “

That’s quite amazing if you think about it. In the span of 7 days the algorithms used to rank the results for a search term can change as many as ten times. There are two things to consider about this fact. First, that Google takes search very seriously and they are constantly working to improve the process for end users. Second, it’s no wonder that rankings vary from day to day including parts of a single day! When evaluating your rankings you can’t just look at a single day and say today we’re successful with our results. It just does not work that way. You have to look at longer term trends to determine overall results for your search engine optimization efforts.

In fact, if the particular algorithm change was strongly focused on a particular search it’s likely that your rankings could be dropped significantly for a short period of time while the results of that change are being evaluated and further refined.

If you want to know a little more about the Google ranking process I recommend you read the blog post. It really is informative!

Clive Lobo

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