Google Keyword Search Volume Released

Clive Lobo

I got all excited when I read some blog posts showing new search volume numbers that had been released in Google’s Keyword tool. I hurried to my bookmark bar, opened up Adwords, clicked on the Google Keyword tool and…. wait for it… nothing. Booo. I was dissapointed like a kid who wanted a toy bb gun for Christmas and got a one piece pink bunny pj suit complete with fuzzy feet (2 points for those who got the Christmas movie reference there).


Today, I loged into my campaigns and say a message in my MCC saying that the tool was available and the keyword data was there!

“You can now see statistics on the approximate number of search queries
matching your keywords. This data allows you to better plan your budget
and pick keywords most likely to return quality leads, which in turn
can help improve your ROI. Learn more
Dismiss this message”


Here’s an interesting question… what happens to tools like, Keyword Discovery and others?

Was it just a freak coincidence that I got this email today from Wordze with a special $4 promotion?

“I hope everyone is enjoying July. As I had talked
about to some of you, I have something really special for July that is going to
help you nock the socks off of your affiliate earnings.

Until July 14th you can send your readers to the
Url below, and they will be able to get access to Wordze for ALL of July for
only $4.

Sign Up Here

Other than that… Enjoy the rest of the month, and best of



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