Google Completes Acquisition of DoubleClick

Clive Lobo

Google has completed the acquisition of DoubleClick!

It’s official. It’s finally done. Google now owns DoubleClick! With that let’s just hope they don’t suddenly turn evil and use all of our personal data they now have from DoubleClick against us!

If you have an opinion on this please chime in. I’d love to hear it. Personall, I think it’s a bad idea for advertisers. What do you think?

I’m actually adding a bit more to this post as this just occurred to me. Since Google now owns DoubleClick and DoubleClick is tracking all user behaviour through PayPal – does that not give Google Checkout an unfair advantage over PayPal? Perhaps PayPal will stop using DoubleClick now – but the historical data is now in Googles hands!

What do you think about that?

Clive Lobo

Spark’s resident boss man, Clive possesses the very nature of an entrepreneurial spirit.

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