Google AdWords Image Extension Currently in Beta

Clive Lobo

Google AdWords Image Extension is currently in beta testing. The new feature to Google’s PPC advertisement platform would allow marketers to post relevant images of their products or services as part of a Google AdWords marketing campaign. The primary rationale behind integrating image extensions into AdWords is a significant amount of feedback from marketers. Many online marketers argue that it would be easier to show a target audience something rather than describe it in a keyword phrase. Image extension could also follow a meaningful overall trend in Google search algorithms.


Moving from keywords to big data:

Google has repeatedly demonstrated a desire to move away from algorithms heavily based on keyword phrases to algorithms that focus on big data. A few significant factors in the desire to significantly change search algorithms include the following:

  • Increased popularity in voice search and mobile search
  • Ability to access meaningful big data on social media platforms
  • Ability to track individual user data on Google platforms (Gmail, Google+, Google Search, etc.)

Google has recognized that similar phrases such as “Where can I find Chinese food in New York City” and “Chinese restaurants in NYC” might both have the same significance to searchers. However, few of the keywords in either phrase are an exact match. Google AdWords Image Extensions could further help searchers find what they are actually looking for. Each relevant hit offers more useful data for major search engines such as Google to further “customize” results for searchers by looking at past data specific to individual users.

Possible issues with image extensions:

Two images for the same item might appear equally relevant at first glance. Users might prefer one image over another due to something related to the image rather than the product or service. For instance, users might be more apt to click on ads that have images that are red, blue, brighter, or more aesthetically pleasing to a certain audience, but trial and error is currently paramount in any successful AdWords campaign. AdWords scores often change multiple times per day. Instead of changing the nature of PPC on Google, image extensions might add another welcome element.

What AdWords Image Extensions can mean for your business today:

As mentioned earlier, AdWords Image Extensions is still in beta testing. There is a possibility that Google will decide to scrap the entire idea. There is also a distinct possibility that Google will decide that images will benefit searchers and increase relevancy.

The online marketplace is always changing. It’s important to stay on top of these types of trends and to implement them effectively as they are introduced.

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