Get The Most Out Of Your Home Page Title Tag

Peter Reitano

One of the most crucial parts of your entire online marketing campaign is an often overlooked little bit of text called the Title Tag. You’re home page title tag to be specific. You may have spent thousands on SEO, PPC ads, directories, sponsorships and more to drive traffic to your website. But you may not be getting the best results from that marketing because you’ve got a poor title tag on your home page.

The title tag is the bit of code that appears at the top of a browser window when viewing the page and is also in the HTML code. It often looks like this:

The home page is your most important website page because it’s going to rank on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) more frequently than others and receive the most amount of traffic.

Let’s take a look at what the title tag looks like in the SERP’s for “maid service toronto”. These first two examples look great.

Disclaimer: Both of these maid service companies are clients of ours

Now compare this to another example from the same search. This example is not using their title tag effectively and therefor not ranking as well and certainly losing visitors to other sites. This is not a client of ours!

So I encourage you to have a look at your home page title tag. Does it contain your most valuable keyword and is it written in a way to compel visitors to click your listing before anyone elses? Have a look at what your SERP competition have written and do something even better!

Peter Reitano

An active participant and early adopter in the digital space, our President Peter has strong insight into online behaviour and social trends.

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