Fishing for the Right Font

Clive Lobo

Here’s the thing… I’m not a designer, I’m not even a developer. But I do know what looks good, and more importantly what conveys the right message on a website. There are many elements that help convey an effective message and help your site to convert. Colour scheme, effective images, buttons or “calls to action” in the right places. Sometimes, a basic font scheme is overlooked when designing web sites and landing pages.

I was creating a new blog the other day for discussing and promoting the benefits of web analytics. In my infinite creative wisdom I called the blog Analytics Cookies. Those involved in web analytics will get the “declicious” (if I may) pun. I digress… In my attempt to create a crude logo (I was looking for a “cookie monster font”) I came across some great tools which I found very handy and kinda cool.

Make your own handwriting font – Try ScanaHand or Fontifier

Wonder what font was used? Try Identifont

Scan and upload a document to see what Font was used – Try WhatTheFont

Clive Lobo

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