Facebooks New Ad Program & A New Ad Network Rumour From The Big Newspapers

Clive Lobo

Facebook is launching some new advertising programs, and a group of major US Newspapers are rumoured to be collaborating on a closed Ad Network.

From WebProNews comes this story about Facebook’s new advertising programs. Here is a brief overview:

  • Project Beacon

    A user opt-in system to receive  targeted ads from an advertiser to their  “mini feed”.  The mini-feed is separate from their  news-feed.

    Engaging with marketers page is spread virally through the system via the mini feeds when they say they are a fan of your brand. This is a very strong referral for a brand because it comes from peers!

  • Social Ads

    “Social Actions + Content = Social Ads.” . . . these ads will appear both in people’s feeds and as a personalized banner ad.

From WebProNews comes another story of 5 major US Newspapers collaborating on a closed Ad Network allowing them to keep the majority of the advertising dollars. For the full story go to Web Pro News.

Clive Lobo

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