Is Drake a Social Media Marketing Genius or Nah? Part Two

Kevin Donnelly

One year ago, the world as we know it changed forever. In fact, you might say that Nothing Was The Same.

Does Drake Know Everything About Social Media Marketing or Nah is an ongoing series analyzing Nothing Was The Same, Drake’s 2013 masterpiece, as an online marketing manifesto. If you were sleeping on Part One, take it in here.

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Worst Behaviour

“You better have my money.”

Drake cannot emphasize this enough: paid campaigns are crucial to growing your audience on social media. Although Drake ‘n Bake lifts a verse from Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems on this track, you’ll actually find that putting cash into your social media strategy will result in far less problems for your brand.

Invest in Facebook and Twitter ads to strengthen your online presence and get your content seen by a wider audience. Organic reach is continuing to drop on Facebook and paid social ads let you directly target individuals that could be interested in your brand. After all, you don’t become a Young Money Cash Money Billionaire without spending some Young Money Cash Money first.



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From Time

“Influence a generation that’s lacking in patience.”

If there is one thing that social media users have no patience for, it’s the Illuminati/brands that only talk about themselves online. Don’t brag or try to push thinly-veiled advertisements onto your audience, they’ll see right through it – much like they see through the Illuminati’s attempts to overthrow our political leaders by hiding triangles in music videos. Try to focus on positive content that relates to your brand and reinforces your image instead.

“Who better for you than the boy, huh?”

Alright, this line has nothing to do with social media, but who better for us than the Drizzard of Oz? Nobody. Moving on.

Hold On, We’re Going Home

“It’s hard to do these things alone.”

Loneliness – something that Drake Placid knows well. Social platforms can get lonely too, so make sure that you aren’t just relying on Facebook. However, even if it may seem like a great idea to get your company on as many channels as possible, you also don’t want to overextend yourself unless you have the infrastructure to support it.

Figure out which platforms work best for your brand based on how you want to craft your identity and reach out to your customers on social media. While Facebook is a must for most businesses that want to market products and services to people, LinkedIn and Twitter can be useful for influencer outreach and B2B marketing. If your brand is artistically-inclined or has strong visual components, try image-based platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. It’s important to find your brand’s perfect match… some say Philadelphia Cheese Drake is still looking for his.

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“Oh, the idea is fun.”

Contests and giveaways are not just fun ideas for Red Velvet Cupdrake, but also great tactics for generating hype around your brand by giving users an incentive to connect with your page. These can be a fantastic opportunity to gain a larger audience, but you do run the risk of attracting followers that may not be interested in your brand over the long term. Consider this an opportunity to transform your new connections into leads with high quality content and a solid social strategy.

“I’m just tryna connect with something.”

Aren’t we all, Drake? There’s a LinkedIn joke in there somewhere.

Thank me later (which is a Drake album) because this is just Part Two of a three part series. Until then, take care (which is also a Drake album).

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