Do You Have an Online Marketing Strategy?

Clive Lobo

“Do you have an Online Marketing Strategy? I ask this question every time I talk to potential customers or current customers who are asking about our new products.  Many times the answers I receive are centered around an attempt to appear there was some thought put towards this subject, but after a couple more questions, it is quite evident they clearly do not have one and eventually admit what I already know.  They do not have one and haven’t thought about it.  It is one thing to throw around buzz words like SEO, PPC and Social Media, but with no plan on how these great tools can be utilized companies will continue to foolishly exhaust resources on aimless campaigns.

Creating a strategy with set goals that are in-line with current demographics and target markets is very important to establishing credibility online.  As we all know the importance of bringing your business online is paramount as you establish a new customer base, or expand on a current one.  The advantage of online marketing vs. traditional methods, is that online can be fixed very quickly and as a result, the campaign can go in a different direction quickly and very economically.  However, without a plan in place from the beginning to accommodate the potential change in direction, and by the time you react, you may have lost that segment of the market that is primed for it.

Next week, I will talk about putting together an effective strategy. For now ask yourself what is your online marketing strategy, and if you don’t have one, when will you take your note pad out and start jotting some ideas down.  I think you will be surprised once you start thinking about a strategy how important it will be.  Good Luck!”

Clive Lobo

Spark’s resident boss man, Clive possesses the very nature of an entrepreneurial spirit.

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