Do all of the members of your team have a clear understanding of the mission?

Clive Lobo

6 Tips on how you and your team can stay focused on your mission

We all have mission statement that we so clearly lay out in our business plans and in our annual meetings. Mission statements that we are passionate about and drive us to succeed. The question is whether or not we reinforce this mission to ourselves and other team members. A mission motivates us and allows our team to stay focused on the goals at hand.

In his podcast, The Starbucks Experience, Dr. Joseph A. Michelli talks about the importance of reinforcing our mission to ourselves and our team. While listening to this podcast I started thinking about all of the different places our mission can be reinforced for myself and other team members. Below is a short list that Dr. Michelli outlines to help your company solidify your mission.

  1. Transform the mission statement into one or two clear sentences. This will make the mission simple and easy to remember.
  2. Repeat and reinforce the mission on internal correspondence and during staff meetings.
  3. Ask your staff to discuss ways in which they have lived out the mission.
  4. Relate all praises given to staff and yourself back to the mission.
  5. Try to segment changes in the company into 4 categories so that staff remain motivated and focused on the mission:
    • Critical
    • Less critical but still important
    • Waiting for an opportunity
    • Least important
  6. Do not implement more than 2 changes per month to avoid confusion amongst the team

I hope that these tips can help promote positive change in your company or organization.

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Clive Lobo

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