Cuil Is Live – But Is It Relevant?

Clive Lobo

Cuil, the new search engine founded by former Googlers has finally launched.

Back on June 10th 2007 we wrote “Cuill – A New Search Engine From Ex Google and IBM Staff“. Well, Cuil has finally launched live and they make some pretty bold claims including having indexed more content than Google itself. I guess only time will tell.

If you’ve not checked it out I suggest you do It’s got a nice fresh interface for a change although I’m still not sure if I find it as useful. Searching for me is about accomplishing a task – not playing around with results. I use StumbleUpon for that.

What bugs me more is that I don’t think that Cuil has not quite figured out the relevancy part of search yet. I ran a few tests and for me the results were less than pleasing. For example a search on Google for my name in my opinion produces my profile pages from our company The same search on Cuil does not – in fact you get a bunch of stuff about me from other sites, but not my own site or other sites I operate. The only time site comes up is for a blog posts I did here. That’s just my author name in that page vs. the anchor text off our home page and so on.

Here’s a screen cap of my search results…

My Cuil Test

I welcome the introduction of another search engine – but Cuil is not going to change my world yet. When I get better more relevant results from Google, Yahoo and yes, MSN – I won’t be switching anytime soon.

That being said – keep it up Cuil and continue rolling out algorithm updates to improve the relevancy! Add in the ability to provide search results feedback and you’ll be on your way to capturing some of that search market share!

Clive Lobo

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