Content Marketing Is No Laughing Matter

Gemma Foster

Practically everyone is still talking about content and how it can make it or break it when it comes to your overall marketing strategy.  With the release of the new Panda update, it has brought content back to the forefront of most digital marketer’s minds.

Though content marketing is something everyone should take seriously, I can’t help but laugh when I read headlines that say:

  • SEO vs Content- where should you spend your money
  • Content marketing has killed SEO

SEO and content work together. The importance of high quality content on your site, as well as blogging (well) is one of the best “white hat” SEO tactics that can be a defining factor in one’s online success.

Make It Relevant

Make sure your content is relevant to your business. I am not saying you need to do a long, drawn out essay on your company’s procedures, but funny/clever articles about new developments or interesting facts people might not know about your industry are definitely a good idea.

Update It Regularly

Too often, I see dormant blogs, blogs that have not been updated since 2011 (this actually happened in a recent audit I did for a prospective client).  If you are going to blog regularly, great. If not, you need to work with a good agency (we may know of one) 🙂 that will produce regular, high quality blogs.

Use Quality Outbound Links

When including links in your blog, make sure that you check the authority, rank, and age of the site you’re linking to. Your SEO strategy will thank you. Believe me.

Use The Tools Available To You

Producing quality content is not enough. You need to use the content marketing tools to make sure you are getting the best out of your masterpiece blogs.  If you are working with an agency, chances are you are already doing it.

Content Problems Cat

Share & Share Alike

You have great content, but no platform to share it on. How can this be helped? Social Media. Believe me, your content will never have the chance to go viral without it. Having a good SEO, content, and social strategy is the perfect recipe for online domination.

Until next time, friends. Blog on!

Gemma Foster

Gemma is Spark’s resident SEO Specialist, she works her magic to help ensure our clients get the best possible online exposure.

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