The Commitment Difference: PPC vs. SEO

Gemma Foster

I know, it seems like everyday this question is answered in some form or another. However, even this morning I overheard a conversation where one of my colleagues was once again explaining the difference between PPC and SEO.  What better way to clear things up then another blog by yours truly. As an SEO specialist you would think I am biased towards one, but think again. I got my start in this industry working on PPC campaigns and still dabble in it today so I have been in the belly of both beasts (to steal clever puns from my last article AHEM).

So lets get to the nitty gritty shall we. I like to use analogies when I explain things, it must be the Irish in me. The best way I can explain the difference to someone who has never dabbled in either areas is as follows…

SEO = Marriage

Similar to a marriage, it is a commitment!

Courting –  You source your significant other, or in this case agency, to work with in your quest for Google domination. Your first meeting is planned, you are ready with your questions and they are ready to present their case.  Just like a first date you both have your checklists.

Evaluation – You have shopped around and seen what’s out there and you decide that this agency is right for you/your company. They tick your boxes and you are ready to start the commitment.

Proposal – You get the proposal, sign on the dotted line, and that’s it you’re in and ready to go. You start planning your strategy, your expectations have been set and you’re excited to get going.  You work together to get your campaign set up, but instead of flowers and caterers you are ordering content and website changes.

The Long Haul – You understand you’re not going to see the results you want all the time, but are committed to making the partnership work. You talk regularly about wins of your campaign and frustrations you may have (you always have them with SEO); however, you are now starting to see consistent return on your investment. This is the point you know you made the right decision to stick with it.

seo and ppc relationship

PPC = Casual Dating

Courting –  You are on the lookout for someone to help you get instant return on your investment with paid search. You are aware you will get out of the partnership what you put in (in this case budget).

 Evaluation – You have been shopping around and figure at this point you have nothing to lose. You know with PPC you can see results in as quick as a month, so you don’t really see a big hesitation to commit. As I mentioned before, you get what you give with PPC so their is little risk with sometimes big rewards.

The Long Haul – Ultimately, with PPC people find it the easier to commit to this type program as the results are much more apparent upfront. You can be as committed or as absent as you want because in the back of your mind, you know you do not have to stick with it if you are not getting the instant gratification of more leads.

I hope my “Dear Abby”  style blog helped you on your way to understanding the difference between PPC and SEO. Please do not hesitate to ask me questions below!

Gemma Foster

Gemma is Spark’s resident SEO Specialist, she works her magic to help ensure our clients get the best possible online exposure.

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