Can you see with all the Snow?

Clive Lobo

With the ever increasing snow storms in the Toronto area, and most of the Northern Hemisphere, it is no wonder that we get the feeling that we are sinking in the snow. Although, a warm and fuzzy feeling it can trap us from seeing what we need in order to protect ourselves and stay focused when driving. Do you know how to keep your marketing strategy above the snow-line? Meaning having focus. I’ve talked in the past about developing a good online marketing strategy that is centered around search. My question for you if you have developed your strategy and are you keeping it focused? (above the Snow?). If you have a strategy that is going in a hundred different directions it will be difficult to keep an eye on the goal, which shouldn’t just be to increase traffic to your site, but to ultimately increase revenue.

So, what does it take to keep it above the snow-line. The first thing that we forget while we are in the snow, is how it looks from the outside. Can the same be said about your internet marketing strategy. You think you can see well, you think you are right on target of what your expectations are? It may be time to consider whether or not you are on that correct path, and whether or not, anything is blurring your vision. Like unqualified leads, and lots of traffic, but no sales. Is it the economy? Maybe, is it the presentation? Maybe, is it the messaging? Maybe?..etc. lots of maybe’s, lots of explanations etc. As we enter this wonderful winter holiday season, please consider whether you are keeping you are keeping your eyes above the snow-line.
To you and yours this Christmas, may it be full of joy, love and most of all..SNOW!!

Clive Lobo

Spark’s resident boss man, Clive possesses the very nature of an entrepreneurial spirit.

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