By 2012 Digital and Mobile Media Spending will RISE

Clive Lobo

Those of us in the business can feel it…we know that digital and mobile media is growing throughout North America. Now there is proof that these mediums are on the rise.

Recently, an article citing the PriceWaterHouseCoopers study regarding growth in global entertainment and media (E&M) pointed out that digital and mobile media will represent 11% of the total Entertainment and Media spending. A total of $234 billion. This change is very exciting for a number of reasons. Firstly, this demonstrates that although the big “R” word (Recession-although very arguable) is looming over the USA and Canada, a market will be expanding and growing. Secondly, this is exciting because it reiterates the higher possible ROI from this type of marketing medium through more expected user activity.

Some of the higher cost methods such as newspaper, radio and outdoor advertising will be seeing a dip in the next 4 years. More marketing dollars are being spent in digital and mobile media with more active users around the world. This is creating a more globalized economy in a more technologically advanced time.

I anticipate that as the next decade begins, more tech savvy people will be immersed in a culture dominated by digital and mobile media. No longer the underdog, this form of media will steadily grow and move throughout the global economy.

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Clive Lobo

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