Blogs and Social Networking-A Marketer’s Dream

Clive Lobo

Reaching the right audience is becoming easier for Marketers.

While listening to one of my favourite podcasts today, Marketing Edge, Albert Maruggi talked about social marketing and how it has completely changed the way that Marketers are identifying their target markets. Blogs and social networking groups are rapidly growing on the internet. Everything from Facebook to Ning, what we are seeing now is that people around the world are making an effort to discuss their interests, concerns, and opinions with others in this expansive online community.

A continuous goal for Marketers is to increase the amount of targeted advertising that they participate in. Maruggi went further to discuss that since blogs and social networking sites can be categorized by topics and places; Marketers have a huge opportunity in their hands. Just imagine a car company wanting to develop interest about a new model or event that may be coming up. What better way than to advertise or participate in a discussion where there are people passionately discussing cars?

Although it can be time consuming and almost addictive, try to participate in discussions about the industry that you work in or interests that you may have. What you will find is a community of people that you can provide information to and who can give you good feedback, tips, and advice as well. Don’t be afraid to offer your two cents; it’s not called a “community” for no reason.

Clive Lobo

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