An Overview of Eye Tracking and Single- & Multi-Variant Testing

Clive Lobo

Christopher KataYou’ve probably heard a lot about eye tracking and single / multi-variant testing, but you may not really know what they mean. WebProNews recently wrote up a small but informative overview of these two topics. If you’re interested we recommend you give it a read.

Generally speaking, eye tracking is the science of identifying where users eyes travel across a web page as it loads. Statistics from these studies help site developers understand how best to “design” the elements of a web page and where in the design the most important calls to action should be placed so as to maximize users interaction with the site.

Single- and Multi-variant testing is the art of evaluating one or more changes in a page to determine which change improves conversion rates. Google has a Web Optimizer program which handles single-variant testing fairly well. Unfortunately multi-variant testing is quite complex and the tools to do this kind of testing are not necessarily affordable for the small business.

Read the WebProNews article to find out more.

Clive Lobo

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