5 Ways To Make Your Twitter Brand Famous

Jennifer Doyle

So, you want to make your brand famous on Twitter. While becoming a Twitter expert is certainly attainable, don’t expect to become Google, BuzzFeed or even Kim Kardashian overnight. Garnering millions (or even hundreds) of followers takes a lot of time and consistent effort. Here are 5 tips to help push your brand into the Twitter spotlight:


1. Twitter Ads

If you’re a new business, or if your business is simply new to Twitter, you need to let people know you exist. The best way for people to discover you on Twitter is through the use of Twitter ads. Whether you choose a campaign to gain new followers, or website clicks and conversions, Twitter ads are the perfect cost-effective exposure that your brand needs in order to increase your number of followers.

2. Engage

Twitter is a great tool for discussion. The ability to create and nurture relationships with customers and influencers is one of Twitter’s greatest assets. By not only following influencers and leaders in your industry, but also engaging with them through retweets, replies, or mentions, you will increase your exposure on Twitter, allowing new customers to discover you.

3. Leverage Trending Content

See something interesting or relevant to your industry trending? Get in on the discussion! Users frequently click on trending topics or hashtags to see what people are saying, so make sure your tweets are seen by participating in the discussion. We recommend using tools like Buzzsumo or Feedly to stay on top of the latest news and trending topics in your industry.

4. Visuals

We live in a visual world, so don’t forget to add imagery to your tweets! Eye-catching images or GIFs alongside your tweets will help to capture users attention.

One crucial component to know when posting images with your tweets is how Twitter displays them. Unlike Facebook, where the entire image is displayed (though maybe scaled down for sizing purposes), Twitter cuts off the top and bottom portion of your image, forcing users to physically click on the image to view the entire thing. In order to bypass this annoyance, we suggest only posting images that are 590×295 (the size that Twitter displays images at).

It’s important that your account is also visually appealing. This means uploading eye-catching and appropriate imagery that reflect your business and industry. We always recommend using your logo for the profile picture, as it allows users to quickly identify your business or brand.

5. Share Compelling, Relevant Content

Twitter is your very own micro-blog, so make sure you’re creating and sharing relevant content on a consistent basis. Never forget that your followers followed you for a reason. Your content should not only relate to your industry, but also the interests of your followers. This will help you retain followers, as well as gain new ones, since you’re more likely to be retweeted when you’re sharing content that people are interested in.

Don’t shy away from the Twitter spotlight! Implement these tips into your marketing strategy, and your Twitter account is sure to take off. What are your tips for success on Twitter? Let us know in the comments!

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Jennifer Doyle

Jennifer is Spark’s resident Communications Manager, assisting in the creation of social strategies and marketing campaigns for all of those in need of a helping social hand.

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