5 Friends You Need to Use Keyword Research On

Marta Boutchma

We all have those friends. You know, the ones who won’t do everything you want all the time. You compromise,  but sometimes you really, really want to do your thing. You have to learn to convince your friend. This is where I’m so pleased to have SEO knowledge, where I can take the keyword research skills I use to help my clients optimize their search rankings, and get my friends to do what I want.

seo fitness nut

The Fitness Nut

What you want: To use your friend as your very own personal trainer.

Failed Methods: Begging, complaining about how much you hate the gym, eating an entire cake in front of them.

Keyword Research: “Incorrect form”, “need a spotter”, “never used this machine.”

Example: Do I really need a spotter when I bench press? I’ve never used that machine before, but I know I have incorrect form.

What will Seal the Deal: Calling a bench press a machine.

seo homebody 

The Homebody

What you want: A reckless night of dancing, fun, and adventure.

Failed Methods: Begging, jumping on their bed until they’re annoyed, constantly interrupting their Netflix stream.

Keyword Research:Bonding session,” “Catch up,” “Grab a Coffee.”

Example: Can we grab a coffee and catch up? Ever since you started watching House of Cards I feel like I never see you, we need a bonding session.

What will Seal the Deal: The guilt trip.

seo wildchild

The Wild Child

What you want: To get rid of them, so you can have some peace and quiet. For once.

Failed Methods: Refusing to change out of your sweatpants, falling asleep at the bar, playing dead.

Keyword Research: “Crazy new friends,” “spontaneous adventure.”

Example: So I made these crazy new friends, and the last time we went out we went on a spontaneous adventure to Denver. Do you think I should text them?

What will Seal the Deal: Making the plan seem like it’s their idea.

seo martha stewart

The Martha Stewart Wannabe

What you want: Everything. Or cupcakes. Same thing, right?

Failed Methods: Saying that you’ll help (they know you won’t), opening and closing kitchen cabinets in failed attempts to find snacks, complaining about those store-bought cookies

Keyword Research: “Charity fundraiser,” “Pinterest famous,” “Better than you.”

Example: I think Clarisse is Pinterest famous ever since her 24 hour bake-a-thon for that charity fundraiser. Do you ever worry she’ll be better than you one day?

What’ll Seal the Deal: Give them a reason to be competitive.

seo mastermind

The Manipulative Mastermind

What you want: To destroy them.

Failed Methods: Everything.

Keyword Research: Sorry. Like a magician, I never reveal my secrets. Besides, we can’t make manipulation public knowledge, no one would want to live in such a corrupt, untrustworthy world.

There you have it. Keyword research is just as important in life as it is in SEO. How did I so efficiently find the perfect keywords? Well, I learned everything I know about SEO from the experts at Spark.

Marta Boutchma

Marta is a Communications Coordinator, she executes social media campaigns and creates content for her clients.

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