4 Important SEO Tips For Your Website


Looking for some hot SEO tips that will have your website ranking higher? Look no further! Check out these 4 important SEO tips for your website:

1.) Get Technical

If you do a quick Google search on the top 10 SEO techniques, you’ll probably come across things like link building, local SEO, and maybe blogging. Now, although these things are important, they should all be secondary to technical SEO.

So what is technical SEO?

Technical SEO is an umbrella term that can refer to a number of things, from site architecture, site speed, use of structured data, and more.

Optimizing your site for technical SEO will require some knowledge of web development, but it really isn’t that difficult once you know what you’re doing. However, should you ignore technical SEO, your other optimization efforts will provide little to no return.

Technical SEO is a bit of a vicious circle, as it’s important for ranking and conversion. For example, if your site is slow due to sloppy code, large unnecessary images, etc., not only will Google rank you lower, but any traffic you do receive will simply bounce due to a poor user experience (ie: no conversions).

2.) Understand Analytics


There are a lot of great analytics tools out there, both free and paid. The problem is, with so much great data readily available, you have to be able to understand what you’re looking at. It can be confusing at first, so if you’re new to SEO, take the time to understand some of the major tools and metrics. Initially you may be a little overwhelmed, but it will be well worth it in the long run.

Check out Google Analytics and HubSpot Analytics to start.

3.) Do One Thing Really, Really Well

Have you ever heard the saying “if you try to be all things to all people, you’ll end up being nothing to everyone”? Well it’s true for websites too. It’s important for Google to be able to categorize your website. Put it this way, if Google can’t understand your site, chances are your visitors won’t either.

In the marketing world, we call this targeting, and with the exception of a small number of unique cases, if you target everyone, you’re effectively targeting no one.

I’m not saying every site needs to be a hyper specific niche site to rank, but there is a threshold there, and you will almost certainly need to strategically close some doors to open new ones.

4.) Master Your Domain


SEO is a constant battle. Should you get to the coveted first page, there will be a long list of competitors below you fighting for your position. If you want to succeed, and ultimately maintain your success, you need to be constantly tweaking and fine-tuning your strategy with the ever changing digital landscape.

This means, at the very least, monitoring your current rankings and making changes in line with the major algorithm updates.

Still confused? Don’t worry. Give us a shout and let’s get started.

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