19 Social Media / Networking Sites For The Boomer Generation

Clive Lobo

During some recent research into the boomer market we came across a list of really interesting social media sites specifically for the boomer age group.

Believe it or not the boomer age group is moving on line fast! More importantly, as a demographic they have a significant amount of disposable income. So if you’re looking to target this demographic we highly recommend you look into the following social networking sites:

  1. eons
  2. BOOMj
  3. reZOOM
  4. Boomer Towne
  5. Boomer Girl
  6. eldr
  7. Redwood Age
  8. BoomSpeak!
  9. eGenerations
  10. Boomer Time
  11. Growing Bolder
  12. Boomer Living
  13. TeeBeeDee
  14. Life Two
  15. My Boomer Place
  16. My Primetime
  17. Second Prime Time
  18. Maple and Leek (UK)
  19. GrownUps (NZ)

Here is a stat which may catch your attention. Adults 50 and older own 65% of the aggregate net worth of all US households. If you’re not thinking about marketing to this demographic, perhaps you should consider it!

Special thanks to the thesavvyboomer for adding these to the list:

  1. http://www2.saga.co.uk/sagazone/
  2. http://www.wanobe.com/
  3. http://www.kiwiboomers.com/

For some additional industry insight, checkout the savvy boomer at: http://www.thesavvyboomer.com/the_savvy_boomer/social_networking/index.html

Clive Lobo

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